As a leading regional shopping centre destination, Woking Shopping needed to join a number of platforms to help highlight the centre’s retailers and restaurants, the latest seasonal collections, as well as the events and promotions within the centre. Why Media, through monthly analytical reports, analysed Woking Shopping’s web visitors’ behaviour and created an innovative bespoke website with a fresh look but with the aim to enhance the user experience.


The Design

Why Media conducted a complete revamp on the Woking Shopping website design, keeping up to date with latest design trends and improving navigation and functionality for a more user-friendly experience. The new website also features responsive technology and an open-source content management system, enabling website updates to be undertaken internally.




Following analytical results, Why Media integrated a cinema feed, where all the latest films are showcased, as well as a live Instagram feed, where the most recent posts are exposed, on the homepage. In addition to this, the Woking Shopping website continues to fully integrate social media links to the likes of Facebook, Twitter and Youtube.


Mobile and Tablet Integration

With over 50% of visits to the site via a mobile device, the key objective was to design the site on varying scales, from the smallest to the largest screen. The new website works on a box style design, which means that  is  easier to navigate by clicking on a large button.

Key Features

Since the new website went live, Woking Shopping has seen a 13% increase in overall website traffic, an 11% increase in visitor numbers and an increase in dwell time by over 37%! As part of Woking Shopping's digital strategy, Why Media also runs a highly successful social media campaign, monthly email marketing, targeted social advertising, SEO management and analytical reporting.


Live Cinema Feed

Social Integration

Inspiration: Latest trends and Woking TV


Website Before & After