Following the successful for marketing of over 270 apartments at The Heart Walton-On-Thames for which the asset manager highlighted our part in the sales process as “You achieved a number of additional sales through your ability to market through Google” Why Media have been supporting the Digital Marketing at The Heart since 2006 and have helped the centre take the initiative long before its peers on a number of social media and digital marketing platforms.




In 2015, Why Media undertook the design, layout and construction of the centre’s website. As a result of this, The Heart has seen a 25% increase in website traffic and a 10% increase in dwell time.




In 2009, we updated The Heart’s digital strategy by developing the centre’s social media platforms. This allowed The Heart to speak to a new audience and to answer questions efficiently via a platform they were familiar with. As part of The Heart’s social media strategy over the last eight years, Why Media has delivered a number of successful campaigns, from social media giveaways and selfie competitions to email subscriptions through contests and questionnaires.


marketing campaigns

As part of our services for The Heart we run monthly email marketing campaigns, targeted advertising, SEO and analytical reporting.

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